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Hi guys today for blog I will be doing guitar

Why I like guitar. I like guitar because its fun to play it. I also like guitar because I like to play a song with it and playing guitar is actually one of my goal this year. I’m actually practicing another song to play with my guitar because if sometimes I’m bored I go practice a song on our basement.

How did I learn to play a guitar. So I learn playing guitar when I was 12 so the first thing I did is, I went to YouTube to learn how to tuned a guitar so then I found a video that told me to download an app called Guitar Tuna and that actually help me to tuned my own guitar. The second thing I did is learn some letters like Em and Gm then I keep going until I learned all the bar chords and that pretty much it.

Facts about guitar

The First Guitar was Created in Ancient Egypt

The World’s Biggest Functioning Guitar is 13 Meters Long

The Shortest Guitar is Just 10 Microns

The Most Expensive Guitar Ever Sold, Cashed Out For A Whopping $2.8million!

Gibson Made the Most Luxurious Guitar of All Time

Ibanez Added the seventh and eighth Strings


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