Golden State vs Denver Nuggets yesterday

Hi blog today for blog I will be talking about what happen to the game yesterday when Golden State Warriors and Denver Nuggets game yesterday.

Golden state played nuggets yesterday for the playoffs and they lost by the Golden State Warriors. The score was 102-98. Golden have been an incredible team this year and I think they have a good chance winning the NBA playoffs. In my last blog I predict that Golden State warriors will send the Denver Nuggets home, but they didn’t. Denver won 126-121 and Nikola Jokic scored 37 points.

Curry scored 11 points during the fourth quarter after the Warriors began the final 12 minutes down by eight. The two-time MVP converted a three-point play with 1:33 left and scored again with 29 seconds remaining to help send the Warriors on to the second round in the Western Conference. All together Curry drop 30 points yesterday night.

There was no chance that Denver Nuggets will against Golden State Warriors because GSW had more good player than Denver. For the Golden they had Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Wiggins, and Jordan Poole. Jordan Poole is very good player, he is now the part of the Splash Brother because of how good he is. He is like the Mini Stephen Curry.

For the Denver Nuggets they only have Nikola Jokic and he is basically doing all the work for them. I guess you count Aaron Gordon but he isn’t really that good, he can dunk but he can barely shoots.

Its now Memphis and Minnesota are playing each other in the playoffs and I think Minnesota send Memphis home and I think Golden State will win who ever they played in the next playoffs.

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