Places to visit in Phillipines

Hi world today for blog, I will be talking about some places to visit in Philippines.  Part 1

  1. Chocolate Hills. Chocolate Hills is great to visit because is the most popular tourist attractions and it is the top destination of Bohol. If you guys don’t know Bohol its a country in Philippines. Warning, its not a real chocolate. I think Chocolate Hills is great to visit because the sunset are so beautiful and you can smell the fresh the air, there is also some good areas where to take some pictures in the hills. That’s what it look like.

2. The Boracay Beach. The place is great to visit because you can feel the warmth of the sun on your body and feel the fresh air. It is also nice to swim. The island boast of crystal azure water, powdery white sand. The Island is located in Bohol. It is the best beach in Bohol. The water are also so clean which is good to swim. I been in the places and it was hot so I got a sunburn after swimming. This is what it look likes.

3. Baguio. Baguio is a great to visit to because the places in nice and there lots of tree. It is also nice to take picture. There is strawberry picking too. I think were to the places if we go back to the Philippines, can wait to back to the Philippines for a vacation. The places has lots of house too.

Honor Blog

Hi world I will be honoring Elijah. The reason I picked Elijah is because every time he makes blog, I find that its very interesting to read. He post lots of hockey stuff and I think that I am starting to like hockey as it goes, because when he post he make interesting an why people should hockey, but I more in basketball because that’s my most favourite favourite sports.

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Why is outside better than inside

Hi world , I know I haven’t been posting so here I am. Today for blog I will  be talking about why outside is way better than inside.

I think mostly of the people like being outside than inside, because being inside is pretty boring, and I think everyone can agree. I like outside because its nice to be out and there is lots of thing to do like sports, spend time will your family, and walk with our dogs. So, for my opinion I like to be outside better than inside. But people like to be inside too.

I like inside too, but the only reason I like inside is because when its cold outside its not exciting to be out, because you can get sick from cold. But mostly I go outside if its very nice. I also think that people don’t like cold weather like me. I like to be outside, especially if were going to cook BBQ, and sun give us vitamin D.

When I go outside I usually go space with  people or even with friends because of covid-19. I think people agree that’s covid sucks because covid ruin everything. First we cant be with friends and I know that being friends is very exciting, because who wouldn’t be there with there friends. Second we cant visit family, I mean I guess you can but you hug them because of this covid. Third, there is lots of person dyeing in covid-19 which sucks.

Anyway this my blog for today, so Ill see you next week bye

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My plans for weekend

Hi world today for blog I will be talking about my plans for weekend

Friday. Yes today is Friday and I’m pretty sure everyone is happy because its Friday. After school I’m going to my friends house to play and I’m already thinking that its going to be fun. I know that it would be fun because being with friends is very exiting and fun. After that I’m probably just going to play with my friends in my ps4 then after playing, I’m probably going to watch some movies then sleep.

Saturday. In Saturday I have nothing much to do. So I’m probably going invite one of my friend at my house to play. Then after that were probably going to bike, invite friends to play 4-square today.  After playing 4-square me and my friend are probably going to town buy some snacks and go home. At the night I’m doing the same thing as Friday so like play my ps4 and watched movie.

Sunday. Ok… I think Sunday is the worst day for me because the day after it we have school again which I hate the most, but it is what is. But yeah Sunday I think I’m just gonna be home all day or maybe go outside if its nice… Normally we go to Selkirk or Winnipeg but because of this covid we normally always go, but we only go if we need groceries or if were going to shop some new clothes, but yeah basically that’s my weekend plan and I know it sounds boring.

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Good bye, see you  next week!