Who is predicted to win the 2022 NBA Finals

Hi, today for blog I will be talking about who will be predicted to win the 2022 NBA Finals.

Warriors in 7

This might as well be an elimination game for the warriors who are not going to become the second team in NBA history recover from a 3-1 Finals deficit to win the title. In that way, Golden State feels like the smart bet. It’s the more desperate team.

That said, the Boston Celtics increasingly look like the clearly superior team. They don’t have to compromise either end of the court with their lineups, while Golden State has to choose offense or defense. The Celtics have more creators, a better defense and they’re much bigger and more athletic, and the Golden State Warriors is much smaller than the Boston Celtics.

Boston hasn’t been great at home throughout the playoffs, but Steph Curry who is shooting 49 percent on 12 3s per game through the first three games of this series, represents the ultimate puncher’s chance.

It’s still tight. Personally, I predicted the Golden State Warriors to win the series in seven at the start, and I still believe that. I think the Boston will find a way to win Game in game 4 and turn it into a three-game series going back to San Francisco, but most of my friends disagree. It’s hard to argue with them.

I think to make the Golden State Warriors first line better is by replacing Klay Thompson and putting Jordan Poole in his spot. Klay Thompson started to fall down. Jordan Poole has been good this year and for my opinion I think Jordan Poole is better than Klay Thompson right now.

For the second time in these NBA Finals, the Golden State Warriors find themselves in a must-win situation. Yeah, I get it, they’re not technically facing elimination. But if they go down 3-1 with another loss on today, this series is done, just as it would’ve been over had the Warriors dropped Game 2, as no team in history has recovered to win the Finals after losing the first two games at home.

Green has been downright bad in two of the three games. For the series, he has more turnovers (6) than made baskets (5). He was aggressive to score in Game 1, finishing 2 or 12. He missed short-roll shots in the paint, layups and four 3-pointers as the Celtics basically disregarded him on the perimeter to sag an extra defender into the paint, mucking up driving lanes.

Point-of-attack defense is a major problem for Golden State in this series. The Warriors aren’t staying in front of Boston’s creators, which is starting the domino effect that is leading to all kinds of open shots as Golden State isn’t equipped to protect the rim without sending multiple defenders down into the lane, and thus, off shooters.

Anyway, I think the Golden State Warriors will win in game 7, but if they loss today then  I think the series is done, unless they make a huge comeback and win the 2o22 NBA Finals.

Jordan Poole: Warriors' apprentice 'Splash Brother' on learning from  all-time great Stephen Curry | NBA News | Sky Sports https://jaydensaemsblog2020.edublogs.org/

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Who I think will win the NBA finals

Hello world today for blog I will be talking about my predictions of who will win the 2022 NBA finals and who will play in the Finals.
Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks (4-1)

So, yesterday night golden state won against the Mavericks in Golden State Warriors home court. The score was 120-110. Honestly I think GSW is the best team right now this season in NBA. Golden State Warriors won the Western Conference Finals and Stephen Curry got the Earvin Magic Johnson trophy for the first time. Also Steph past Ray Allen. Now, Stephen Curry is officially the NBA’s all-time leader in 3-pointers made. He was the only one that hit 500 3 points too. I think Golden State is winning this year.

Boston vs Miami (4-3)

This is hard because right now Boston Celtics is leading 3-2. But I think Miami Heat is going to come back. I think this game is going to game 7 and I got Miami Heat in 7. This two teams is gonna play tonight, but also Jimmy Butler is not doing too good right now because he got injured. Boston might be the attractive pick heading into the Eastern Conference Finals after it took out Brooklyn and Milwakee in the first two rounds. There’s several reasons for this. First off, the Celtics continue to play elite-level ball on the defensive end of the court. Led by Marcus Smart, this unit did a number against Giannis Antetokoumpo and the Bucks in game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Even then, it really is hard to pick against a Heat squad that looked much superior than its first two opponents in that of the Atlanta Hawks and Philadelphia 76ers.

That was magnified in Game 3 of the conference finals with Miami coming out on top in Boston despite Jimmy Butler missing the entire second half. In defeat, Boston turned the ball over a ridiculous 23 times. Boston is now in win-now mode heading into Game 3’s home outing. A loss here, and the team is pretty much done.

Miami Heat vs Golden State Warriors (4-1)

I think Golden State Warriors is winning it. I’m confident that Golden State Warriors is going to win. I mean who would stop curry from shooting. I think Golden State Warriors has one of the best line up, they got Kevon Looney, Draymond Green, Stephen Curry, Andrew Wiggins, and Klay Thompson. If they put Jordan Poole I think there will be unstoppable. Kevon looney is good lately and he gets lots rebound and who ever controls the rebound, controls the game. Also, Klay Thompson is doing good this year too. When they played the grizzlies it went to game 6 and Warriors took the dub and they called it the Game 6 Klay. I think Golden State is wining it, and I know that I keep saying there winning I just have to say it a million times.

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Golden State Warriors (@warriors) | Twitter


Ja Morant Biography

Hi, today for blog I will be telling you guys about Ja Morant.

Ja Morant was born on 10 August 1999 and his birthplace is Dalzell, South Carolina, United States. He plays for the Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association (NBA). In 2019, Morant played college basketball for the Murray State Racers, where he was a unanimous first-team All-American. He gained lots of popularity in his life.

He is a 22-Year-Old who celebrates his birthday every year. His full name is Temetrius Jamel Morant but He is well known as Ja Morant. In 2010 Ja Morant was selected by the Memphis Grizzlies with the second overall pick in 2019 NBA draft and he was the named the NBA Rookie. Ja Morant 6 feet 3 tall and weights about 174.17 pounds.

Ja Morant is a famous American Basketball Player. His father name is Tee Morant and his mother names is Jamie Morant. He has a girlfriend name KK Dixon and got a daughter name Jaari Jaydin Morant but they did ended up breaking up. Ja Morant likes to keep things in private so I can’t find a lot things about him, but that’s the end of my blog see you guys next week byeeeeeeeeeee!!!!





Golden State vs Denver Nuggets yesterday

Hi blog today for blog I will be talking about what happen to the game yesterday when Golden State Warriors and Denver Nuggets game yesterday.

Golden state played nuggets yesterday for the playoffs and they lost by the Golden State Warriors. The score was 102-98. Golden have been an incredible team this year and I think they have a good chance winning the NBA playoffs. In my last blog I predict that Golden State warriors will send the Denver Nuggets home, but they didn’t. Denver won 126-121 and Nikola Jokic scored 37 points.

Curry scored 11 points during the fourth quarter after the Warriors began the final 12 minutes down by eight. The two-time MVP converted a three-point play with 1:33 left and scored again with 29 seconds remaining to help send the Warriors on to the second round in the Western Conference. All together Curry drop 30 points yesterday night.

There was no chance that Denver Nuggets will against Golden State Warriors because GSW had more good player than Denver. For the Golden they had Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Wiggins, and Jordan Poole. Jordan Poole is very good player, he is now the part of the Splash Brother because of how good he is. He is like the Mini Stephen Curry.

For the Denver Nuggets they only have Nikola Jokic and he is basically doing all the work for them. I guess you count Aaron Gordon but he isn’t really that good, he can dunk but he can barely shoots.

Its now Memphis and Minnesota are playing each other in the playoffs and I think Minnesota send Memphis home and I think Golden State will win who ever they played in the next playoffs.


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Golden State vs Denver nuggets prediction

Golden State Warriors have looked incredible out of gate in the 2022 playoffs. They beat the Denver twice already in the playoffs. Today is game 3 and I think Golden state have a big chance to win it. They game starts at 9:00pm today at the Ball Arena.

Golden State won and covered against the spread (-7.5) on Monday night at Chase Center. The final score was 126-106, and cleared the Vegas total of 221.5 points. The Warriors shot 54.8% from the field and 42.5% from beyond the arc. They collected ten steals, eight blocks, and turned the ball over just nine times in the winning effort. Steph Curry led all scorers with 34 points on 12 of 17 shooting from the field. The star guard has been coming off of the bench, due to injury. But that hasn’t hindered the Warriors, who have moved Jordan Poole into the rotation. Poole has been up for the challenge, dropping 59 points over the two playoff games so far.

In the regular season, Golden State Warriors were the 14th ranked team points. They are averaging 111 points, and they were the 8th best shooting teams making 46.9% of their shot and they nailed 36.4% of their three pointers. I think Golden State is going to be a problem moving forward in the playoffs for who ever they faced.

Denver nuggets lost to the Golden State twice in the playoffs. In game one Denver lost by 16 points and got blown out by out 20 points in the second game, but Nikola Jokic led the nuggets in scoring and rebounds. He has 26 points and 11 rebound in the second game

In the regular season Denver Nugget, they were the 8th highest score team averaging 113 points per game, and also they were the second best shooting teams making 48.3 of their shot but they aren’t that good at shooting threes.

Its been an ugly starts for the Denver Nuggets, so I don’t see them wining tonight but we never know what will happen. I think Denver nuggets will be eliminated from the playoffs because Jokic is the only the man that can do so much than other. Then on the golden state Jordan Poole and Stephen curry have step their game up. Also Draymond green has supplied a great defense and averaging 7.3 assist through two game. So, I don’t think Denver Nuggets  will win against Golden State Warriors. Who do you guys think will win comment down below!

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Why is Lakers not in playoffs?

The Los Angeles Lakers have been officially eliminated from the playoffs.

After falling 121-110 to the phoenix suns on Tuesday night in the Footprint Center, the Lakers do not have mathematical path to the season, as they can no longer catch up the San Antonio Spurs for the spot in the play-in the tournament.

With three games remaining, it marks the end of what has been an extremely disappointed season for the Los Angeles. Lakers thought that they will be good this year because they had Westbrook, and Anthony Davis but really it didn’t make any difference because Davis got injured so he had been out for a couple games. Also, Lebron James got injured so that he couldn’t play, so that’s why Lakers couldn’t do anything.

The Lakers deal with injuries to key players throughout the season, but unlike the other teams in similar situations, Lakers didn’t have enough talent on the roster to overcome the hurdles.

Lebron James still put up a ridiculous number at his age. He’s currently averaging 30.3 points, 8.2 rebounds, 6.2 assist, 1.3 steals, 1.1 blocks in 56 games. He’s also shooting 52.4 percent overall and 35.9 percent from 3-point range.

This is now the second time in four years that Lakers failed to qualify for the playoffs. Lakers hadn’t failed to qualify when all the good players was in the Lakers, but since they are gone Lakers haven’t been good. Last year they were playing pretty good they made the playoffs but they lost to the suns again.


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U15 Hockey playoffs

Hi welcome back today for blog I will be talking about our hockey playoffs.

We had game yesterday and Monday. We played Pinaymootang also known as Fairford. We played them on Monday here on arborg and we lost 8-3, but also the u13 didn’t play with us because their provincial is coming up and I’m pretty sure the u13 coach said that they don’t want there player to get hurt before there provincial. So, we have one lost. So, if we lose another game then we are out because that’s how playoffs goes. When we play Fairford lots of our hockey team were scared to touch the puck, so we just keep dumping the puck and we wont even shoot at the net.

Our second game was at Fairford and the game was at 7:30. We were supposed to have it on Tuesday but since the road were bad so they canceled it and moved it to Wednesday. So, we had a game yesterday and we lost again, the score was 11-4. But even though we lost the game was very fun. We had lots of fun and also they were nice to us. So, now we are out and we can’t play for the rest of the season. Also, we still have practiced.

We got practice on Monday and Thursday. Our practice on Monday is at 8:00 to 9:00 and some of the peewee players practice with us. Then on Thursday our practice is at 6:30 to 7:30 and peewee also practice with us. The peewee won’t practice today because they have provincial and some of the players are leaving today.

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Our hockey playoffs

Hi welcome back today for blog I will be talking about our hockey playoffs.

Last week we had a hockey and we played Fairford and Gimli. We played Fairford first and we won 11-6. All the the guy that scored is Noah, Jerome, Ronald, Elijah, and me. Noah had one, Jerome had one, then me, Ronald, and Ronald got 3, so we got 3 Hattie’s that game. I was playing center, I was in a line with Matthew, and Bennet. Normally I play winger but I asked my coach if I can play center and he said yes.

Then we play Gimli. We beat them 7-2 and I forgot who scores all the goal, but I remember Ronald got 3 and Matthew got 2. There was a guy that got suspended in the Gimli team, because he hit one of our teammates behind and he got suspended for 1 game. Also I was playing center, with Bennett and Ronald

This weekend and Tuesday we are playing Fairford for our playoffs. Tomorrow we have a game here in Arborg at 4:30pm I’m pretty sure and on Tuesday we are going to there arena, and the game is at 7:00pm. I don’t if we are going to lose, but I don’t think we are. We wont have the u13 playing with us I really hope we win and I hope we win the banner. Also, we have Jaxon back. If we lose 2 times we are out, we cant play anymore but we still have practice, but if they lose 2 times then we go and play another team.

We got practice on Monday and Thursday. Our practice on Monday is at 8:00 to 9:00 and some of the peewee players practice with us. Then on Thursday our practice is at 6:30 to 7:30 and peewee also practice with us.

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Our hockey game this weekend

Hi today for blog I will be talking about my hockey game this weekend and my other hockey game on Monday.

So this weekend we got a hockey game. We are playing against Pinaymootang also known as Fairford. We already played them and we won 8-3. The game is at 2:00pm here in arborg, you can watch if you want too. We will have the U13 playing with us when we play them and we might have the U13 playing with us again. We might have to pull up Charlie as our goalie from the U13 because our U15 goalie Jaxon got suspended when we played Lundar. I don’t know for how many games but one of our coaches said that his suspended for four games. I really hope that we win tomorrow.

We have a game on Monday and we are playing against Gimli. We played them before and we lost 6-5. We were winning at the first and then suddenly they catch up. I don’t know what happen to us, like we weren’t skating at all. But this Monday we are going to play them but we wont have Jaxon again, but we got Charlie. Our game is at 8:00pm on Gimli but they might changed it to 7:00pm but I don’t know yet. I hope we will win and I hope that we do good.

We got practice on Monday and Thursday. Our practice on Monday is at 8:00 to 9:00 and some of the peewee players practice with us. Then on Thursday our practice is at 6:30 to 7:30 and peewee also practice with us. Also I play right wing and our left wing is troy, sometimes I play center.

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The return of Klay Thompson

Hi welcome back, today for blog I will be telling you guys about Klay Thompson returning back to NBA ( National Basketball Association) for along injurie he is back again.

First lets talk about how he got injured. So basically they were on the finals when he got injured. They were playing against Toronto Raptors on the finals. So its almost the end of the 3rd period I’m pretty sure then someone pass it to him  so then Klay decided to go dunk the ball but then he got blocked by green and he landed very bad on his left foot. So , basically he cant play basketball because of the Injury.

Klay didn’t play basketball for 2 years just because of the injury that he got, but he sit on the bench with his teammate to cheer them up. So, Golden State Warriors didn’t even make the playoffs because some of the good players were injured and they couldn’t make a play to beat the other teams and also the teams that they play, they double team curry because they know that curry is good, but curry couldn’t do anything about it. They were last on the western conference in 202o and in 2021 they were at the 9th place.

This year the Golden State Warriors are good this year they are at 2nd place on western conference. They have 30 wins and 10 loss. So, this year Klay Thompson came back after that 2 years he can finally play again. He came back to NBA on the January 9th. On January 9th they had a game, and they played against Cavaliers and they won. The score was 82-96. Klay Thompson scores 17 points in total and I think that was pretty good on his first game. I think they will make the playoffs this year especially that Thompson is back or maybe they will even win this year we never know.

Warriors' Klay Thompson makes season debut vs Cavaliers: Live updates, scores, stats, highlights | Sporting News

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