U15 Hockey playoffs

Hi welcome back today for blog I will be talking about our hockey playoffs.

We had game yesterday and Monday. We played Pinaymootang also known as Fairford. We played them on Monday here on arborg and we lost 8-3, but also the u13 didn’t play with us because their provincial is coming up and I’m pretty sure the u13 coach said that they don’t want there player to get hurt before there provincial. So, we have one lost. So, if we lose another game then we are out because that’s how playoffs goes. When we play Fairford lots of our hockey team were scared to touch the puck, so we just keep dumping the puck and we wont even shoot at the net.

Our second game was at Fairford and the game was at 7:30. We were supposed to have it on Tuesday but since the road were bad so they canceled it and moved it to Wednesday. So, we had a game yesterday and we lost again, the score was 11-4. But even though we lost the game was very fun. We had lots of fun and also they were nice to us. So, now we are out and we can’t play for the rest of the season. Also, we still have practiced.

We got practice on Monday and Thursday. Our practice on Monday is at 8:00 to 9:00 and some of the peewee players practice with us. Then on Thursday our practice is at 6:30 to 7:30 and peewee also practice with us. The peewee won’t practice today because they have provincial and some of the players are leaving today.

This is the end of my blog see you guys BYE!!!



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