Our hockey game this weekend

Hi today for blog I will be talking about my hockey game this weekend and my other hockey game on Monday.

So this weekend we got a hockey game. We are playing against Pinaymootang also known as Fairford. We already played them and we won 8-3. The game is at 2:00pm here in arborg, you can watch if you want too. We will have the U13 playing with us when we play them and we might have the U13 playing with us again. We might have to pull up Charlie as our goalie from the U13 because our U15 goalie Jaxon got suspended when we played Lundar. I don’t know for how many games but one of our coaches said that his suspended for four games. I really hope that we win tomorrow.

We have a game on Monday and we are playing against Gimli. We played them before and we lost 6-5. We were winning at the first and then suddenly they catch up. I don’t know what happen to us, like we weren’t skating at all. But this Monday we are going to play them but we wont have Jaxon again, but we got Charlie. Our game is at 8:00pm on Gimli but they might changed it to 7:00pm but I don’t know yet. I hope we will win and I hope that we do good.

We got practice on Monday and Thursday. Our practice on Monday is at 8:00 to 9:00 and some of the peewee players practice with us. Then on Thursday our practice is at 6:30 to 7:30 and peewee also practice with us. Also I play right wing and our left wing is troy, sometimes I play center.

This the end of my blog see you guys next time Bye!!!