Top 3 favorite Video Games

Hello everyone today for blog I will be talking about my top 3 video games. I like a few video games. These video games are really fun to play, and I really enjoy them.

3. Rocket league

Rocket league is good for many reason. First of all there is no game truly like it. Sure there is soccer’s video game , but in no video games.  It’s like controlling what every joint in the hand will do in a shooting game. Every time you play the game you will learn little by little, you will also learn small things to improve your overall play. Also, I think you will learn pretty easy because it not hard game, its a easy game, but I deleted it long time ago because for me its pretty boring but for other its not boring at all.

2. Minecraft

Minecraft is a very good game. There is lots of fun mode some of them are bed wars, sky wars, and lots of fun parkour, but its also addicting. I love playing Minecraft especially when my friends are over or just with my brother. I suggest you guys try it and hopefully you guys will enjoy playing it.

  1. NBA 2K 21

NBA is a fun game to play especially with lots of people. There is lots things to play like 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and you can even practice to get better and better at the game. I love playing it because I’m a big a fan of basketball (a lot) and what I like to do is to vs other people. I suggest you to try it, but make sure before playing, do practice because it tell you all the step to do and u will be better at the game.

That’s the end of my blog see you guys next week bye!!!!!!!

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